Our souls are thirsty

August 27, 2018 0 By Medita67

In John 4:13-14, Jesus offers the world live-giving water.  This is water from heaven that only Jesus himself can give to the world.  Jesus offers this water to us every day.  Therefore, we must give up all hope and desire to find that which satisfies our souls outside of Him.

Our souls are thirsty.  We need the water that Jesus gives to quench the thirst of our souls.  He offers this water to us as a free gift.  But we must come to him in faith and open our hearts so that His life-giving water may flow into our lives to satisfy us and change us into the people we were created to be.

Jesus describes this water as a spring of water.  It flows as an unending source of life into our souls.  Therefore, we must open our hearts in prayer and let this river of life-giving water enter into our inner most being.

This is water from Jesus himself that quenches our thirst.  Our souls are satisfied only in God and in the life that He gives us.  Jesus gives us the life of God as we daily drink of life-giving water that flows to us through Jesus death and resurrection.  When we drink from the water He gives, we are never thirsty again.

This is eternal life.  As we drink of the water that Jesus gives, eternal life enters into us and we begin to experience the power and beauty of God’s eternal kingdom in our daily lives.  We know that eternal life is ours and that one day we will enter into the fullness of His kingdom when we will see him face to face and drink in the fullness of unending living water.

Let us open our hearts every day and pray: “Father thank you for giving us your Son.  I come to you because I am thirsty.   Thank you for providing life-giving water that comes to me through the death and resurrection of your Son.  Jesus, I open my heart to you—give me life-giving water.  Quench this thirst of my soul.  Thank you for the gift of everlasting life.”  Amen