There is something extraordinarily beautiful on earth when we see the people of God live together in harmony…

August 31, 2018 0 By Medita67


Psalm 133  How wonderful it is, how pleasant,
    for God’s people to live together in harmony!
It is like the precious anointing oil
    running down from Aaron’s head and beard,
    down to the collar of his robes.
It is like the dew on Mount Hermon,
    falling on the hills of Zion.
That is where the Lord has promised his blessing—
    life that never ends.

God’s plan from the moment of creation was to have a special people that He could call His own.  In Old Testament times the people of God were the children of Israel.  Today, in New Testament times, His special people are those who follow His Son.

The Psalmist writes that there is something extraordinarily beautiful on earth when we see the people of God live together in harmony.  As followers of Christ—as His disciples—we form a community of the children of God who love to be together and always want the very best for each other.

The followers of Christ share a common experience of being touched by the grace of God, being set free in knowing Jesus through the forgiveness of sins.  It is this common experience of forgiveness, through repentance, that joins us in one united community.  And the Psalmist says that it is something wonderful and a very pleasant experience.  We are joined together in serving a loving, caring God.

He says it is like oil running down from the High priest Aaron’s head and beard, flowing to the collar of his robes.  The grace of God that we know comes to us through the life and power of the Holy Spirit.  Grace and blessing come over our lives, as we live in loving harmony with fellow believers.

It is like dew on Mount Herman that falls down on the hills of Zion.  As we live together in love, serving each other, the blessings of God come down.  It is in the place of united worship and service to each other that we experience the outpouring of grace upon our lives.  Blessings fall from heaven as the disciples of Christ honor Him through living in humble, loving harmony.

And the psalmist says that it is in this place of harmony and commitment to each other that we know God’s ultimate blessing—life that never ends.  As we live in unity, always seeking the very best for our fellow followers, we experience eternal life.  In this life, our lives are touched by the power of the age to come. Eternal life, that is ours in Christ, affects us and changes us, as we wait for the fullness of eternal life that shall be ours in the world to come.  Daily, we experience eternal life, which brings beautiful harmony, as we look forward to its fullness in the age to come.

Let us pray:  Father in heaven, I thank you for bringing me into your family, made up of the followers of Christ.  Give me a heart to love my brothers and sisters in Christ.  Help me always to do everything in my power to maintain the unity you give us through your Holy Spirit.  Let your blessings fall down on us like precious anointing oil, so that we will have the power of life eternal within us. Join us together in your love and grace, so that as a community of faith our lives will bring honor to you. Amen.